Machined Uzi SMG Feed Ramp
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These machined Uzi full auto feed ramps were developed by BWE Firearms to replace the stamped feed ramps used in Uzi Sub Machine guns. Our Uzi SMG Feed Ramps can also be used in place of the machined semi auto feed ramps with the restrictor ring when you are converting your Uzi to use SMG spec Uzi barrels. These Uzi feed ramps will allow your Uzi to feed hollow point ammunition and make it much more reliable with ball ammunition. These ramps are designed to support the rear of the Uzi barrel to make the rear of the barrel more stable and improve reliability. 

If you are installing this ramp in place of the SMG stamped feed ramp the receiver must be machined to the same specifications as a opening for the feed ramp in semi auto receivers.

Go see our friends at UZITALK for a wealth of information about Uzis.

  • Item #: Uzi-FA Ramp
  • Manufacturer: BWE Firearms
  • Condition: New

Machined Uzi SMG Feed Ramp

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