Full Size UZI Picatinny Rail Top Cover.
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This is an UZI SMG top cover with a 3" long steel Picatinny rail permanently installed. The assembly is then re-parkerized to like new condition. This top cover is perfect for mounting most red dot sights on your UZI. This to cover mount fits a full sized UZI not a Mini UZI or a MICRO UZI. It will fit either IMI or Vector Uzis. You can order this top cover mount set up for full auto or semi auto full sized UZIs. We can also finish them in Uzi Black to match your Uzi.

Customer Note: When installing a top cover some adjustment to the top cover may be required so the top cover latches in place with the correct top cover to bolt gap. The gap should be between .005"-.015". There is a good tutorial in the UziTalk library on adjusting the top cover.

Go see our friends at UZITALK for a wealth of information about Uzis.

  • Item #: uzi-fs-prtc
  • Manufacturer: BWE Firearms
  • Condition: Refurbished

Full Size UZI Picatinny Rail Top Cover

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