76/760 AR15 Stock Adapter
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Our AR15 stock adapter let you mount an AR15 stock to you S&W76 and MK760. The body of our adapters are machined from a solid piece of steel unlike adapters made by some other manufacturerers that have a tendancy to let your stock rotate. The gap filler peice is a seperate peice. They are machined from billet steel then parkerized. The distance between the takedown pin hole and the rear of the grip lug is slightly different between the S&W and the MK760 so there are two different lengths. Please order the proper make of your subgun.

You have to use some type of optic with this stock. You will not be able to use the factory sights. Your line of sight will be over the top of the sights.

  • Item #: 76-STOCK-AR
  • Manufacturer: BWE Firearms
  • Condition: New

76/760 AR15 Stock Adapter

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